Everything is everything
91 till forever

Put Your Records On (CNBRemix) by Cook N. Blaze/ Corinne Bailey Rae
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in the thick of thangz
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Smh at me

wow <3

omggggggggggggg <333


the yankees are 3 games out of first i’m hype

blue jays gon take it but I’m hype too cuz we bac on our feet

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anxiety in one screenshot

the fact that it is 2:14am makes it worse

& that weird ass emotion face she put @ the end doesn’t make things any better…ooh god the suspense!!

Ain't About The Money Ft. Young Thug by T.I.
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Come Thru by Drake
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"Travel through my mind, am I blind? It’s a shameYoung niggas gettin’ murdered straight took out the gameAs I sit here puffin’ on a cigarette gotta be ready,never know who’s plottin’ on a niggas death”

DOCTOR DOOMBy John Romita Jr. (pencils), Bob Layton (inks) & Bob Sharen (colors)
How you gone win when you ain’t right within? Lauryn Hill (via fallingbeneaththecracks)

(Source: 5uede, via fallingbeneaththecracks)

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